Friday, April 07, 2006

Favorite cookbooks

I've been asked to list my favorite cookbooks, so here they are:

Some of the best cookies, brownies and breads I've made recently come from the following two:
vive le vegan

everyday vegan

Great meal ideas, simple recipes:
fresh food fast

I bought this mainly because it had a lot of recipes for foods I ate as a kid, and it has been used quite often. The bourekas recipe is my favorite thing in here (there is also a great recipe for bulgur patties that you can buy at Soul Veg.):
the foods of israel today

Simple, elegant and fast recipes, with beautiful pictures and really helpful tips:
the instant cook

Sephardic cooking has always appealed to me, and this book is filled with great recipes and is incredibly veggie friendly:
sephardic flavors

I got this cookbook probably 10 years ago. The breakfast and muffin recipes are wonderful, and there is a recipe for an italian rice pudding cake that I adore:
essential vegetarian cookbook

A great vegetarian cookbook, with recipes from around the world:
olive trees and honey

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