Tuesday, April 04, 2006


By request I am beginning to compile some Pesach recipes.
My mom sent me a cookbook just for Passover, but I've never tried to make anything from it because the recipes all seem very fancy.
I also picked up an issue of Gourmet magazine because it had some Passover recipes in it, so I think it might be a fancy Passover in Chicago this year.

I cursory websearch also turned up a vegan matzoh ball recipe from the ppk , and the comments section for that recipe gets into whether or
not tofu is kosher for Passover.

Every Passover at my parents' house we always have matzoh ball soup (my mom tops hers with a cinnamon and sugar mixture, leading to a debate between her and my dad as to whether Lithuanians or Ukrainians have better food which usually ends with my dad saying that Lithuanian Jews are snobby), tzimmes and gefilte fish. Both of my grandmothers made their gefilte fish from scratch - my dad's mom was famous for hers and we'd always have a lot of people come over the first and second seders just to eat her cooking. My mom's mom made hers with a tomato puree topping which was amazing. I do not think I will make my own anytime soon, but I always feel bad for people whose only taste of gefilte fish is from the jarred kind. That is what we eat now, unless we go to my sister's in-law's house where we eat the Polish version, which is too sweet for me. My mom also makes matzoh bagels every year which are small and greasy little things, almost like donuts. They are addictive.

One of my favorite Passover snacks is also the simplest: peanut butter and jelly on matzoh.

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