Monday, May 08, 2006

planting pansies, napping on hammocks

During my junior and senior years of college I lived off campus in a somewhat run down but awesome house with Alison, Laura and Patrick (although others lived there as well, but we were the ones that stuck it out the longest).

Most of my springtime memories involve Alison's hammock on the front porch, planting pansies, trips to Adam's to buy lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (along with amazing pesto), and making recipes out of the moosewood cookbook. There were also lots of car rides with Laura (which involved listening to a lot of the Magnetic Fields), trips to an amazing indian buffet near Rhinebeck and eating at a restaurant owned by a former drummer for Murphy's Law in New Paltz.

Alison, Laura and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Our other roommate Patrick, not so much. In memory of those spring days here is an archive of Mollie Katzen's recipes that I found when I was searching for some recipes last week.

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