Monday, July 17, 2006

cupcakes galore

This weekend was spent in Pittsburgh, and to celebrate (and because I
try to bring Anthony's dad ridiculous foods whenever I visit) I made
two kinds of cupcakes - humming bird and chocolate zucchini.

The only modifications I made to the recipes were to use whole wheat pastry flour
and slightly less sugar than called for, but nothing significant. I bet the
hummingbird cupcakes could be made without the eggs as the bananas are a binder,
or perhaps adding an extra banana or some flax would work. I'll try that out.

Baking with so much more butter and oil than usual made me a bit uneasy. It's not
like I eat this every day, but still. It was worth it though - the chocolate
cupcakes were great (although not sweet enough for a five year old palate, the adults
liked them) and the hummingbird cupcakes have a hint of pineapple and a subtle
sweetness. I froze half of the chocolate cupcakes - we'll see how well they do.

Also, if someone could clarify muffin vs cupcake for me that'd be great. As of now
I've decided that cupcakes have frosting, muffins don't. But I guess a bran muffin
with frosting would still be a muffin? I am just trying to rationalize my breakfast
of a hummingbird cupcake (without frosting!)...


Sarah said...

I think muffins are essentially smaller cakes and are sweeter, where muffins are variations of breads. Maybe, of course it doesn't hold true for all cupackes and muffins...

tal said...

that would make sense... i tweaked the recipe for the chocolate zuchinni muffins when i made it into bread for you and eryn, by the way. i added flax for most of the oil, but added a few tablespoons of oil just to make the batter moist.