Sunday, August 13, 2006

buy an icecream maker

I got an ice cream maker. I think I am obsessed. How is it that making ice cream is easier than baking cookies?

The first batch I did was banana-buttermilk ice cream, but I added two handfuls of chocolate chips. Amazing. I also cut the sugar in half. The taste? Unreal. The consistency isn't like store bought ice cream, it melts in your mouth a bit more, but still. Ice cream.

The lady who writes bakingsheet just put up a caramelized banana ice cream. Insanitude.

Speaking of which - wtf!


Anonymous said...

excellent ice cream maker idea: coconut milk.
by itself with some sugar, or with lime juice (amazing!) or anything else, really.

Anonymous said...

oh, and rosemary ice cream!!

how come you didn't bake this much when I lived with you!? :(
hearts, alison. (that's me above, too)

tal said...

rosemary ice cream? hmm... i remember you
baking a rosemary bread when we were roommates that was awesome. i think the reason i didn't cook this much then is because we all subsisted primarily on pasta with pesto.

lydia said...

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