Thursday, December 14, 2006

what is this stuff?

Yesterday I picked up my CSA share and when I opened it up I was quite confused. Beets, potatoes, onions, garlic, squash, parsnips, carrots, cabbage - that stuff I know and like, if not love. But what is everything else? I consulted my handy 'bible' and got to searching. The giant green thing is kohlrabi, but is much bigger than any I had ever seen before. In the bag behind it is winter salsify, which I had never even heard of. Between the onions and potatoes are 2 radishes. Radishes the size of a softball. My dad would be very excited about these, but me? I'm not so sure. The final root vegetable is a giant turnip. Does anyone have any recipe suggestions for some of this stuff? Anthony is much braver than I, and said that we will try it all, but then made a very sad face and said 'are we going to be eating a lot of mashed foods?' So any non-mashed root vegetable recipes would be greatly appreciated.

I'll post the recipes I make up here as I try them.


patrick said...

yo dude. you can cube the turnip and then boil the crap out of it. prep it like its a potato. and then doctor it up with whatever seasonings you like. rosemary and garlic with olive oil maybe? i just had them for thanksgiving.

Graeme said...

This is a bit late, but the big turnip is called a swede (or rutabaga on your side of the ocean). They're good mashed, though you might want to mash them with some potato to give it some more body. They're great with haggis, if you can get a hold of any.