Tuesday, January 16, 2007

cookbook recommendation

I haven't posted in a while (a month almost!), but it hasn't been due to lack of cooking, but rather lack of time. I have a backlog of recipes I want to post, but until I can get to that I thought I'd put in a plug for a cookbook I've been using almost weekly.

I have yet to try something from this cookbook that I haven't loved. I make modifications based on what I have around and also to make some of the recipes healthier (just because it's whole grain doesn't mean it's low in fat). This past weekend I made a carrot cake that was really flavorful and light, but the best thing I've made so far is a pumpkin cake with chocolate chips (the recipe and photo will be up shortly, I promise).

With detailed recipes for everything from crackers to fancy cakes, this book is a great resource. There are lots of helpful tips scattered throughout and a reference section at the end that gives a lot of information about how to use various grains. I haven't attempted to make bread yet, but I will shortly. Until I get my act together and post some recipes I've tried, you can check out this recipe for orange cloud pancakes that was recently in the the Boston Globe. Don't they look good?

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