Friday, March 02, 2007

So... it's been a while... again

So much for my attempt to blog more regularly... Things have been really busy and as a way of dealing with the stress of MCAT studying I've been baking like crazy. This has been both good and bad - it is pretty nice to come home to a tin full of cookies, but some of my experiments at making things healthier have not come out so well. Our oven has also become really frustrating, with random temperature fluctuations one day and normal temperatures the next.

Instead of posting more recipes today, I figured I'd link to some I've tried recently and also mention some products I got recently that I love.

Double chocolate chip cookies:
This is a recipe I love and make often, and is really similar to this one from the PPK. The one from the PPK makes almost three times as many cookies, which is really the major difference. Taste wise they are pretty much the same (if you add in the optional almond extract and almonds to the PPK one). When I made the PPK version I cut down the sugar by half and would also suggest cutting down the chocolate chips by half. I put in 2/3 cup and I think even that was too much.

Polenta casserole with faux sausage:
I've mentioned this recipe before, but I wanted to bring it up again because it is seriously a really really easy meal to prepare. All you need is polenta, tomato sauce and some fake (or real) Italian sausage. The original version includes making your own sauce, but if you are short on time you can make it a lot simpler by using your favorite premade sauce. Basically, make some polenta, put it into a baking dish, top it with sauce, diced sausage and cheese, and stick it under a broiler for a few minutes. Done.

Product recs:

I love these chocolate chips. They taste great in cookies and also do well if you need to melt some chocolate for something like a chocolate tofu pie.

I've been doing most of our grocery shopping at Trader Joe's recently. I've been trying some of their new products and some of the things I've liked most are:
Curry Noodles, which are great for stir fries and I bet would be phenomenal in noodle patties.
European Style Yogurt, which is a lowfat yogurt that comes in chocolate or green tea. The green tea one is still unopened in the fridge, but the chocolate one is great.

Hopefully next week I'll post a real recipe - I've got a bunch of apples out on the counter and the only one who really seems interested in them is our dog. I need to figure out what to do with them other than make more applesauce.

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