Monday, April 16, 2007

last week's recipes

Cooking is my official procrastination method of choice. Studying for the MCAT has not only increased by ability to score well on the physical sciences questions, but it has also made me a better cook. Or at least a more active one.

Here's what I made:
1 - Seitan
I've been making seitan by simmering it in stock, with the result being a fairly standard seitan - chewy, somewhat puffy, good. I recently found a recipe for baked seitan that is even easier. You end up with something that is not soggy at all and has more texture. The basic recipe is here. I bet this would be a good way to make seitan sausages. Last night I cut it up and sauteed it with some onions, olive oil and soy sauce, topped it with cheddar cheese, and made a fake philly cheese steak sandwich.

2 - Banana Cake
This is fantastic. When it came out of the oven it had a bit of a crunch to it on the bottom due to the sugar caramelizing. That has since disappeared, but the cake is still great. The original recipe is here. I used fat free greek style yogurt instead of the sour cream, 3/4 cup sugar (turbinado) and whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose. I also made it easier by dumping all of the wet ingredients into the food processor and adding that to the dry. Simple. Make this. It's really good.

3 - Otsu
Yet another recipe from Super Natural Cooking. I swear I own other cookbooks. Lots. This is the soba noodle salad that I've had in many places and never figured out how to make it at home. Lots of cucumber, green onion, tofu and a really simple dressing. Makes a lot.

Speaking of cookbooks - I picked up Vegan With a Vengeance last week. I've yet to try anything substantial from it - I made french toast and it was fine, not mind blowing. Anyone have any favorite recipes I should try?

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