Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pretty green pasta

So, I'm not so good at updating this thing. I've been cooking up a storm recently but not posting anything. I'm taking the easy way out this time - I am linking to a post for a recipe I recently made: straw and hay fettucine tangle. It's really easy to make and tastes great, but I agree that you need to add a bit more salt and lemon juice. From the same cookbook I tried to make the raspberry curd loaf but used lemon curd instead and added the optional fresh raspberries. It tasted amazing but was structurally unsound. I am blaming it on my oven since its temperature tends to vary. It makes cooking exciting. What else... I also made these chickpea veggie burgers, but found that they needed more seasoning than called for. Finally, if you have an ice cream maker, you should try to make some banana buttermilk ice cream. I used a scant 1/2 cup of maple syrup instead of the sugar. This is probably one of my favorite ice cream recipes and is incredibly easy.


Anna said...

Hey you! I made the raspberry curd loaf too, only I also added in a melted bar of chocolate as I was in the mood for chocolate/raspberry, and I couldn't find raspberry curd, so I just used raspberry jam. It turned out perfect! Great texture, and everyone loved the gooeyness of the rasperries and the jam. It was still totally solid, though.

tal said...

I am blaming our cranky oven for my recent batch of fallen loaves. The chocolate sounds amazing. Raspberries and chocolate are one of my favorite pairings, second only to raspberries and lemons.