Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busy busy...

I had thought that things would get less hectic over the summer, but I was wrong. I've decided that in addition to it being the 'Summer of Sorbet' (Anthony's idea), I am going to start blogging what I get in my CSA share every other week and the recipes I use. The first box came last week and was filled with the longest bunch of chives I've ever seen, giant green onions, spinach, lettuce, kale, arugula, sunflower sprouts and two big containers of strawberries. My camera is w/Anthony while he's on tour, so no photos this time around.

So far I've made a dressing with the chives, a millet stir-fry with the green onions from a recipe in Super Natural Cooking (note to self: not a huge fan of millet), a spinach salad with roasted hazelnuts and eaten a lot of strawberries.

In non-CSA related recipes, I made a really fantastic chocolate cake. The recipe came from the Every Day Dish dvd, which I was lucky enough to win. The recipe for this cake and also Dreena Burton's mint chocolate chip cookies are worth the price alone.


robina said...

what ice cream maker do you have, by the way? andy's buying me one for my birthday and i'm trying to figure out which is reliable but also reasonably priced.

i love millet, so i would urge you to try another recipe. i have a really good one for a tahini-millet casserole with veggies in which the millet is about as inoffensive as it can be. :) let me know if you're interested.

tal said...

i have the cuisinart ice-20 1 1/2 qt one - it's usually on sale on amazon. i'd also highly suggest getting 'the perfect scoop' - the custard based recipes are kind of much, but the frozen yogurts and sorbets are fantastic.
i'd be totally down for that millet recipe!