Sunday, September 02, 2007

Internet recipes

Even though I have more than my fair share of cookbooks, I have recently been finding that a lot of what I cook is based off of recipes I've found online. I peruse food blogs when I have free time in the lab and so in a way I have probably more thoroughly gone through the recipes at 101cookbooks than those found in some of the cookbooks I have at home.

Top picture: Last week I made the asian grain burger from 28cooks. It came together really easily, although I used a whole can of pinto beans instead of the amount called for in the original recipe. It tasted fantastic when served on toasted naan (from Trader Joe's), with some mixed baby mesclun greens and ricotta salata. Anthony took it to work with him and apparently it made his coworkers jealous.

Middle picture: easy beer rolls from Have Cake Will Travel. I used an old bottle of Amstel Light that we had left over from our holiday party way back in December, instant yeast and no bread machine. I keep having the same problem where I cannot find a good spot to let my dough rise - either it's too hot and the bread comes out tasting too yeasty, or it's just too cold. Woe is me. Regardless, this recipe is really easy to put together and the rolls are great.

Bottom picture: honey loaf. Just in time for Rosh Ha'shanah I found a great recipe for Ukrainian honey cake on the Wednesday Chef. I used some chai tea instead of coffee, whole wheat pastry flour instead of all purpose, and instead of sugar added 1/4 c of agave. This was so good I pretty much ate the whole loaf by myself in a matter of a three days. In my defense, I did give Anthony some to take with him to work but he never ate it. Oh well - His loss equals my delicious gain. I think I am going to toy with this recipe a bit and try adding some dried berries and make it for the High Holidays.